What Is the Paleo Diet

What Is the Paleo Diet All About?

Paleo ProgramIn a nutshell, Paleo is really just about removing from our diet those foods that are at odds with our health & our body’s biology like sugars, processed foods & other nasty toxic stuff that you could be eating every day without even knowing.

So by cutting out the bad stuff and increasing our consumption of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants in the form of natural, wholesome nutrient rich foods we have a much better chance at maximizing our overall health & fitness.

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Without going into any lengthy scientific explanations, the following will give you a good idea as to what the Paleo diet is all about as well as how this way of eating could help you lose weight & improve your overall health for the long term.

Paleo Diet Basics…

  • Basically the Paleo diet is based on eating the type of foods that our ancestors, the cavemen, survived on.
  • These foods consisted mainly of meat, fish, leafy green vegetables, fruit & berries but excluded food such as dairy, grains, cereal products or any sort of processed food.

Supporters of the Paleo diet (Ref: Wikipedia: Paleolithic Diet) claim the following facts about eating a Paleo styled diet;

  • Paleo Food Pyramidthe nutritional needs of us modern day humans remain best suited to the diet of our Paleolithic ancestors
  • the human biology & metabolism has not been able to adapt fast enough to process many of the foods that we eat in our modern day diet & that have become available since the advent of agriculture
  • us humans are not genetically adapted to eating foods such as grains, legumes & dairy or processed foods that are a staple part of most modern diets
  • the human body’s inability to properly metabolize these “new” foods has led to modern day health issues such as obesity, heart disease & diabetes
  • people who follow the Paleolithic diet may enjoy a longer, healthier & more active life.

So, the Paleo diet is arguably the healthiest way us humans can eat as it provides our bodies with the type of nutrition that works best with our human biology & genetics.

This way of eating, therefore helps us humans function optimally which helps contribute to having lean, strong, healthy & energetic bodies.

Furthermore, research of our modern day diet, has shown that consuming significant amounts of sugar, grains, vegetable oils, processed foods & nasty chemicals, is largly to blame for degenerative diseases such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, depression and a whole host of other health related conditions.

Paleo 101

Food That Is Excluded From Paleo Eating

The following are foods that were neither available (before the agricultural revolution) nor consumed by our Paleolithic ancestors & therefore are not on the Paleo food list.

  • Foods Not Allowed On Paleo DietDairy products – many of us are lactose intolerant which makes dairy bad, but remember that no animals drink milk beyond infancy, so for us humans it should be mother’s milk & no more.
  • Grains including wheat, rye, canary seed & barley – this makes Paleo free from gluten which is a good thing as most people are gluten-intolerant.
    In fact grains & gluten are bad for you (at best) but downright dangerous at worst.
  • Legumes including beans & peanuts
  • Processed oils & vegetable oils
  • Refined sugars
  • Salt
  • Neither alcohol nor coffee is considered Paleo however many Paleo eaters do consume them in moderation.

With all this talk about the food types that our paleolithic ancestors & the cavemen ate, you get the feeling that this is some weird sort of fad diet that doesn’t leave you with much choice…

Well don’t worry, here’s a basic list of natural foods that you can eat to your heart’s content…

Paleo Approved Foods

  • Paleo Approved FoodsMeat – eat grass-fed rather than grain-fed
  • Poultry – eat free-range chicken, duck, hen, turkey
  • Fish – Wild fish is best as mercury & other toxins could contaminate farmed fish
  • Eggs – again choose the free-range variety
  • Vegetables – the green, leafy variety as well as any organic vegetables
  • Oils – olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil – avoid vegetable oils
  • Fruits – organic fruit is great but due to the high sugar content limit your consumption if you’re trying to lose weight
  • Nuts – nuts are a great source of good fats but limit your intake as they are high in calories
  • Tubers – sweet potatoes & yams are high in carbohydrate & calories which can be a good source of energy (fat is also a great source of energy)

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you won’t have a wide enough variety of foods to choose from as there masses of healthy Paleo dishes you can prepare…

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How Easy Is It To Stay On the Paleo Diet?

Following the Paleo diet is easy in theory but quite difficult in practice.

Some of the issues that cause many Paleo converts to waver from this diet & therefore start to lose the health & weight loss gains they had initially made.

Some of the difficulties people have in sticking to the healthy Paleo way of eating

  • Not knowing what to shop for & feel limited in the food choice – go here for a Paleo Shopping List
  • Difficulty in sticking to Paleo food when out socializing or on business trips
  • Proper meal planning – go here for your 7-Day Paleo Diet Meal Plan
  • Struggle with cravings & cave in to buying processed food (junk food) which gives temporary satisfaction but invariably leaves you wanting more
  • Conflicting information & not knowing really what to eat & in what proportions
  • Running out of ideas of what to dishes to prepare for breakfast, lunch & dinner every day – go here for some Paleo Recipe Ideas 

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Could the Paleo Diet Help You Lose Weight?

You Can Eat As Much As You Like On Paleo Diet

You Can Eat As Much As You Like On Paleo Diet & Still Lose Weight

One of the best benefits of eating the Paleo way is that because these foods are so nutritious, wholesome & filling you can basically eat as much as you like without really being in danger of over-eating.

This is largely due to the fact that by eating Paleo approved dishes you will feel satisfied after eating your meal without feeling hungry & wanting more.

Conversely, when eating a meal consisting of simple carbs, sugars or processed foods you’ll probably still be hungry & feel like having more after finishing your meal – this is because these type of unhealthy foods are addictive. Just think, after eating a hamburger you invariably feel like having another one straight away.

So you don’t have to worry about Paleo eating being addictive as you generally only eat just as much as your body needs which does not contribute to weight gain, whereas the modern day diet encourages over-eating which causes progressive weight gain leading to obesity & type-2 diabetes.

Could the Paleo Diet Encourage Your Body To Burn Fat Naturally?

  • Burn Fat with the Paleo Diet

    You Could Burn Fat More Effectively With the Paleo Diet Than By Working Out

    Being a low-carb, high-fat diet you are probably wondering where the energy your body needs will come from – well the good news is that we can operate very efficiently on less carbohydrate than what we are used to eating, as our body (when allowed to) will utilize our fat stores & burn that for energy our energy requirements which is a process called ketogenesis.

  • However, our bodies will look to using carbohydrate (glycogen) for energy before going to our fat stores so those eating a high carb diet are likely to remain overweight whereas eating a low-carb diet will encourage your body to burn fat for its energy requirements.
  • Therefore, eating fewer carbs means there will be less glycogen in your system, which means your body will have to look to your fat stores as its primary fuel source which should result in you losing weight naturally.

Furthermore, eating a healthy Paleo diet could cause you to lose weight as your body will be encouraged to move naturally towards its ideal weight when it is being fuelled with the correct nutrients that it is biologically designed to perform best on.

A nice side effect to the improved health & weight loss is that you could tend to feel more energetic & happy.

Could the Paleo Diet Improve Your Health?

Could the Paleo Diet Improve Your Health & EnergyNot only have the health benefits of eating a Paleo diet been widely published, but the Paleo styled diet has also stood up to scientific scrutiny.

With this kind of scientific evidence, it is very hard to ignore the perils of the modern-day diet versus the health benefits you could enjoy by eating a Paleo styled diet.

Could the Paleo Diet Help Reverse Diabetes?

Reverse Diabetes Paleo Diet

Reverse Diabetes By Eating a Paleo Styled Diet

In a controlled study done comparing how two diets, viz Paleo & Mediterranean, effected people suffering with type-2 diabetes (adult-onset diabetes).

The results were strongly in favor of the Paleo diet as the study revealed that the Paleo eating group actually reversed the signs & symptoms of being insulin resistant & having type-2 diabetes.

In fact, at the conclusion of the study “all patients in the Paleolithic group had normal blood glucose

However, the group following the Mediterranean diet showed little if any improvements.

You can read the complete Diabetes Study here…

2 Important Basic Paleo Diet Tips

In conclusion, the Paleo diet is based on the notion that many of the ailments we suffer with our modern lifestyle eminate from our bad eating habits & that for optimal health, we should go back to eating natural, real, wholesome, unprocessed foods that our bodies are used to thriving on.

Just remember these 2 basic tips to get maximum benefit from the Paleo way of eating…

  1. Eat whole, unprocessed, nutrient-dense, wholesome foods.– Choose organic vegetables, free-range chicken, eggs & poultry as well as grass fed meats.
  2. Avoid inflammatory, processed foods that mess with our metabolic processes. – Avoid gluten containing foods, sugars, processed junk food & other toxic delights that cause inflammation, weight gain & contribute to poor health.

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