Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus Treatment

In many cases tinnitus is very difficult to cure completely and in these cases the sufferers usually either learn to live with the condition by getting used to it and simply noticing it less.

However, even if it can’t be treated successfully in these cases, it is worth at least attempting the treatments available as usually some noticeable improvement can be noticed.

The natural treatments below may allow you to get some relief from this nasty condition.

In the January / February 2014 issue of ENT and Audiology News, a special section on tinnitus was commissioned.
You can read the entire report here.

5 Natural Tinnitus Cures

Tinnitus Cure

1. Stress

As stress is a common cause of tinnitus it follows that managing your stress will provide relief from the condition.

2. Reduce Noise

A quite calm setting where you can relax will help mask the noise & ringing in your ears.

3. Avoid Things That Irritate It

This may sound obvious but consumption of certain foods & drinks may aggravate the condition – for instance caffeine, nicotene & alcohol can increase the intensity of the noise within the ears.

Consumption of alcohol in particular causes your blood vessels to dilate thereby increasing the force of the blood flow through the inner ear area which in turn aggravates the condition.

4. Counsel ing

Counseling & reassurance that it is not being caused by some really serious problem often leads an easing of the condition.

If the tinnitus is causing a significant amount of anxiety & depression, therapy & medication in the form of anti-depressants will help cure the tinnitus.

5. Lipoflavonoids

Lipoflavonoids, which are essentially multi-vitamins, encourage & improve the health of the inner ear thereby providing relief from tinnitus.

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