Tim Noakes Paleo Diet

Tim Noakes Paleo Styled Diet

Professor Tim Noakes & the Paleo Diet

Due to his relatively new views on nutrition, particularly regarding the adverse effects that eating carbohydrates can have on one’s weight and health, he now follows a low-carb, high fat Paleo styled diet.

In fact since being on this low-carb Paleo styled diet he has realized encouraging improvements in his health as well as a certain amount of weight loss.

It has been reported that his fitness and running speed has improved significantly and that he is looking almost as lean as he was in his younger days since being on this new eating plan.

He ascribes this noticeable improvement in his health and weight to the change in his dietary habits.

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He goes on to say that had he not changed his diet to this no-carb, high protein Paleo styled diet he may possibly have suffered with full blown adult-onset diabetes (type-2 diabetes) which was the cause of both his father’s and uncle’s death.

It should be noted that the principles of Paleo are based on the idea that the mismatch of the modern day diet and the diet our bodies were designed to cope with & perform best with, is the possibly one of the main reasons for obesity, diabetes, heart disease & many other health & weight issues.

Therefore, just as you would not feed your pet animal a cooked meal with chocolate pudding every evening (as you know it wouldn’t be right & would harm its health), the same principle applies to the human diet…

…which means that eating the foods that we were meant to eat should help our bodies perform optimally, improve our health & provide us with feelings of youthful vigor – and conversely, consuming foods that we are not meant to eat will possibly harm our health.

More About Tim Noakes & the Possible Benefits Of the Paleo Diet

Prof Tim Noakes (OMS, MD, DSc, PhD (hc)), renowned sports scientist, is based at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa at the University of Cape Town.

Tim Noakes Running
  1. Noakes is not only a well known professor of exercise and sports science, but also a highly acclaimed author on sports & nutrition.
  2. During his life he has run more than 70 marathons and since eating a LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) Paleo styled diet is running better than ever.He says that “2 years ago, before I started this eating plan I was getting exhausted running up hills that I could once handle with ease. Plus I kept gaining weight even though I ran every day and ate pretty healthily (or so I thought). I was convinced it was just middle age spread when it was actually sugar-carbohydrate-wheat-beer spread
  3. He is over 60 years old and has lost approximately 15kg in weight since adopting the Paleo styled LCHF diet & eating plan
  4. He has done a u-turn on his eating habits by changing from a high-carb, low fat diet to one low in carbohydrates but high in protein and fats.
  5. Diets that are high in carbs, sugars, processed foods and grains are largely to blame for obesity, diabetes and heart disease.
  6. Significantly, it was reported, one of his patients lost 30kg over three months following a Paleo eating plan.
  7. Today Tim Noakes is the portrait of good health at 85.5kgs with a body mass index of 24 and says that “I’m happy to stand next to all those medical people who say this eating plan is wrong and dangerous, and for all of us to take off our shirts and see who is looking well and who is not
  8. Furthermore he ascibes this Paleo styled LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) diet to the fact that not only is his running better than it has been since his young days, but he no longer suffers with rhinitis or allergic bronchitis which he resorted to treating with steroids it got so serious – 2 years later he hasn’t had a day’s illness.
  9. When it comes to exercise, he says that whilst it is important for good health, proper nutrition is essential – with the right diet you will have a better chance to achieve your target weight as well as enjoy good health but exercise will not balance a poor diet.
  10. Butter or margarine? Tim Noakes will always opt for butter, especially the homemade organic type – in fact avoid margarine…

More About the Paleo Diet and Weight Gain

The chances are that if you are overweight you could be carbohydrate intolerant (which many people are) and this means that your body is unable to process carbs properly, with the result that they get dumped into your fat cells causing you to gain weight and expose you to the risk of becoming pre-diabetic and obese.

Furthermore, carbohydrates & sugars are addictive which means that you never feel satisfied after meals and always want more which is a cycle of increasing weight gain ending in obesity, diabetes & poor health.

On the other hand, eating foods on the Paleo diet list generally leave you feeling full and satisfied without experiencing those hunger cravings – after being on the Paleo diet plan for a short while you may quite possibly start feeling better and notice some weight loss…

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