Tim Noakes Diet

Tim Noakes Low-Carb Diet

Tim Noakes Low Carb Diet

The Tim Noakes Low Carb Diet has had a great deal of publicity in the media lately largely due to the huge benefits he has realized from changing his eating habits as well as the fact that he has done a complete about turn on his previous beliefs that carbs were essential for a healthy functioning body.

The carb-free eating plan that Noakes, South Africa’s famous sports-science guru, now follows was first prescribed in 1861 by a Harley Street surgeon (Mr William Harvey) for a Mr William Banting, an overweight undertaker with great success & went on to became universally known as the Harvey/Banting diet.

This diet was the norm for managing & losing weight for obese & over-weight people in Europe & America for almost a century until 1959 when it was excluded from nutritional & medical publications and replaced by the opposite which is currently what most of us know as the healthy way of eating which is a high carbohydrate, low fat diet.

Why This Low Carb Diet May Be So Successful

The reason this low carb eating plan has been so successful for some, particularly for Professor Tim Noakes, is because it

matched his particular biological needs & his, like many other people, predisposition to develop adult-onset diabetes.

This condition can be present in anyone who is carbohydrate resistant (CR) which means that their bodies are unable to metabolize carbohydrates efficiently resulting in their blood streams becoming clogged with ingested carbs which causes the pancreas to over secrete insulin which normally directs the glucose (carbohydrate) from the bloodstream into the liver & muscles.

However in people who are carbohydrate intolerant, most of the carbs that have been eaten are directed into the fat cells which causes progressive weight gain, obesity, continual hunger, lethargy & eventually pancreatic failure as well as adult-onset diabetes which is usually fatal.

So, for Tim Noakes & many other CR people, the low carb diet has not only provided hime with the prospect of long term health but also renewed vitality & the healthy feelings of youth.

Furthermore not only has his experiment with this diet allowed him to run faster & further than he has run since his youth, but his weight loss has been significant without eating carbs.Tim Noakes Diet

Incidentally, his Sports Science Institute in Cape Town, presently researching a group of serious athletes who have adopted the low-carb diet, has found that their athletic performances have improved substantially as well as realizing significant weight loss in the process with this reduction of their carbohydrate intakes both before and during racing.

3 Benefits You Could get From Following a Low Carb Eating Plan

People who are carbohydrate resistant, of which their are many, will realize the following benefits with a low carb diet.

1. Avoid Diabetes

It’s highly likely that obese & CR people will possibly develop adult-onset diabetes which is a fatal condition & following a carbohydrate-free eating plan will help you avoid getting diabetes.

2. Weight Loss

Cutting out the carbs, contrary to the popular notion of the “healthy” high-carb low-fat diets, will allow your system to process what you ingest efficiently but ingesting carbohydrates will clog your system with glucose which instead of being properly diverted to your liver & muscles will be stored in your fat cells with a significant increase in weight.

One of the main benefits Tim Noakes has realized with this diet is that he is lighter than he has been for many years as well as having feelings of renewed youth.

3. Long-Term Health &Renewed Vitality

With your system operating more effeciently & your body losing its excess weight you will not only feel more healthy & have more energy, but you are likely to experience the important benefits of long-term health.

On the other hand, this is unlikely to happen if you continue to eat a carbohydrate fuelled diet as you will continue to struggle to metabolize carbs efficiently – you will always be over-weight, lethargic & be exposed to the risk of developing diabetes.

Conclusion On This Low Carb, High Fat Paleo Styled Diet

While this diet will have maximum effect for those who are carb intolerant, of which most people are to some degree, it may provide significant health gains in terms of increased vitality, energy as well as effective weight loss for anyone.

Download the Paleo Recipe BookHowever, after going on this diet & hopefully realizing the benefits that go with it and thereafter slipping back into your old bad eating habits, will have the consequence that you could possibly regain all the weight you may have lost and expose yourself to other health issues such as obesity & the risk of developing diabetes.

So it is important to understand that this low carb Paleo styled diet, advocated by Professor Tim Noakes, is actually an eating plan for life and if you are motivated enough to change your dietary plans for good you should experience all of the real health benefits that come with it.

A good place to start the LCHF Tim Noakes Paleo styled diet would be to download these 370 Delicious 100% LCHF Paleo Recipes here that will provide you with enough options & variety to stick to the Paleo diet.

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