The Real Meal Revolution

The Real Meal Revolution – Professor Tim Noakes

After attending the launch of “The Real Meal Revolution” at a popular Johannesburg book store last night, I was totally blown away by Tim Noakes’ views on diet and carbohydrates.

Contrary to what we’ve always been taught, he advocates a low (or no) carb diet with a big emphasis on fat & protein intake.

According to him carbs provide very little nutritional value for your body whilst fat is what fuels it best & protein keeps everything functioning properly.

The Real Meal Revolution Review

This book will show you why fat is the body’s preferred source of fuel and that carbs are unnecessary for your system.

In fact not only are carbohydrates largely unnecessary for you, they can adversely affect your health and put you on the fast track to becoming obese and diabetic.

Many overweight people are CR (carb resistant) and are probably pre-diabetic if not already suffering with type-2 diabetes due to their addiction to a high carbohydrate diet.

Not only does this book show you how eating the way nature intended will improve your health and help you lose weight naturally, but you will also get tons of delicious healthy low-carb recipes to keep you fit & slim.

It should also be noted that Prof Noakes does say that not everyone is CR (Carbohydrate Resistant) and therefore low-carb eating is not for everyone, but it certainly works for athletes & others who struggle to lose their abdominal fat and weight around their bellies.

About the Authors Of This Fascinating Book

Professor Tim Noakes

Professor Tim Noakes

Prof Noakes is held in high esteem in the field of Exercise and Sports Science and more recently on his views regarding healthy nutrition.

Not only is he the author of the widely read Lore of Running (and more recently Challenging Beliefs) but has also run more than 70 marathons and ultra-marathons.

After seeing both his father & uncle succumb to diabetes and not being able to control his own weight despite taking regular exercise, he started investigating the science behind obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

In this book Professor Noakes explains how a high carb diet is the main cause of obesity & diabetes and how the “over” production of insulin, which is caused by the consumption of carbohydrate, causes these diseases.

He also notes that it’s no coincidence that the timing of the government advocating a “healthy” low-fat high-carb diet for everyone, is when the obesity epidemic hit the world (the USA in particular).

He has since admitted that his previous views on the necessity of following a high-carb diet are completely wrong and looking at him now he is certainly proof of this.

Since cutting out carbs & increasing his fat & protein intake he has slimmed down significantly and is a picture of health.

Sally-Ann Creed

This lady spent a large part of her life suffering with chronic asthma, sinusitis and panic disorder.

Despite having a number of sinus operations and years of suffering with panic disorder and agoraphobia she could not find a cure until she discovered that an adjustment in her diet enabled her to enjoy renewed health and she subsequently qualified as a Nutritional Therapist in Australia.

David Grier

After spending the past 30 years David in the restaurant business David decided to follow his dream of becoming an extreme adventurer.he has since run The Great Wall of China in 93 days, run the entire coastline of South Africa in 80 days, paddled from Africa to Madagascar in 12 days, run the Island of Madagascar south to north in 67 days and run the entire length of India in 93 days.

Following a strict, low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) eating plan has played a large part in allowing David to achieve all of these amazing feats.

Jonno Proudfoot

Jonno discovered his passion for Paleo eating and LCHF cookery after working in a five-time Top 10 rated restaurant in his early career.

As a swimmer, Jonno says that when he eats carbs he gains weight & feels sluggish and tired, however after just 3 days of not eating carbohydrates, he says he has significantly more endurance and energy.

Since becoming involved in performance food and nutrition he has co-hosted 52 episodes of award-winning children’s cooking show, What’s Your Flava as well as appearing as a guest chef to cook without carbs on the Expresso Show on numerous

Low-Carb, Gluten Free Recipes

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