Paleo Weight Loss

Losing Weight On the Paleo Diet

Don’t forget everyone is different, so the particular diet (or eating plan) that works for one person, may not work for the next. It is therefore wise to discover what foods work best with your body which will often exclude processed foods that contain sugar & gluten – always best to stick to natural, wholesome, nutrient dense foods.

As you may know, the rate of global obesity has almost doubled since 1980, affecting both rich & poor countries, as well as having a significant impact on heart disease over the last three decades.

Paleo Diet To Lose Weight

If you have a BMI of 30 or more you are obese – over 25 is classified as overweight as defined by the World Health Organization.

You also probably know that the obesity problem isn’t due to some mysterious change to our physiology…

Is the Paleo Diet Your Ticket To Losing Weight Naturally?

Fast, natural weight loss is what many of us would like to achieve & the Paleo converts would have us believe that this can be done by eating natural, wholesome foods that our ancestors, the cavemen, ate.

…but rather due to our modern day diet which consists largely of processed, convenience foods which are well known for encouraging weight gain.

It’s also worth noting the observation that obesity, heart disease & other health issues has skyrocketed globally since the 1980’s which is when the so called “heart healthy” low fat, high carb diet was encouraged by the AHA & many other nutritionists & medical practitioners.

What the Paleo Diet Can Do For You

So in contrast to the above…

Paleo Food Pyramid

1. The Paleo diet plan provides an eating plan that is (arguably) the most biologically suited to the human body and therefore, the Paleoloithic diet encourages us to eat the food that our ancestors (who appear to have been genetically the same as us modern day humans) ate & thrived on.

So by eating the type of food that our bodies are better at processing & performing on should help keep us lean, fit & healthy and discourage fat storage.

2. The Paleo way of eating will provide you with the food menu that us humans were evolved for which should therefore allow our bodies to function more efficiently resulting in healthy lean, fat-free bodies.

3. However, not everyone will experience the same results from going Paleo – there could be some Paleo eaters who achieve significant weight loss easily, whereas others could struggle to see a difference in the short term.

The Paleo eating plan may be tweaked to allow those who are struggling to lose weight to see better results or for those who have reached a weight-loss plateau.

So whether you’re extremely happy with the quick results or frustrated at the lack of weight loss, there are many ways to optimize the Paleo diet plan to help you possibly achieve sustainable weight loss in a healthy way that could help you realize your target weight & body shape.

Losing Weight Should Not Be About Will Power

Weight Loss Not About Will PowerDieting often conjures up images of the struggle you’ll have to endure to avoid eating food when you are really hungry and the will power you will need to exert to avoid sweet temptations or extra portions of tasty dishes in order to try & lose a few pounds.

Well the good news is that it is generally found that diets that require will power to avoid eating when you’re hungry do not usually succeed and if they do they could be short lived as the weight lost is often regained.

One of the biggest benefits of eating the Paleo way is that you are not limited to the amount you eat and it is likely that you will only eat what you need as eating typical nutritional Paleo dishes will leave satisfied & not craving more.

On the other hand high-carb, low-fat diets are generally low on nutrients and generally leave you still feeling hungry and always wanting more which makes it very difficult to restrain yourself from having a second helping and contributing to the pattern of gaining weight.

Finally, even if you have a strong will power, just eating less to lose weight could cause a nutrient deficiency, or worse cause health issues and certainly does not address the problem of losing weight which a healthy Paleo styled diet could…

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A Last Word On the Paleo Diet & Weight Loss

Sustainable natural weight loss is not about starving your body into submission.

In fact this method of losing weight, without addressing your underlying metabolic problems & your body’s nutritional requirements, is often not only highly ineffective & unnecessarily stressful, but is not a healthy nor a long lasting solution.

The key to lasting weight loss & good health is often found in working with your body and not fighting against it, and by finding the nutritional diet that it performs best with – achieve this and you could find the weight melting away almost magically without having to ever restrict the amount of food you eat…

Need Some Help?

To ensure you don’t miss out on any of the possible health benefits your body could enjoy from eating wholesome, nutrient dense Paleo foods, I would encourage you to read this…

Essential Guide To the Paleo Diet

…which will help you avoid all the common pitfalls & help you structure your diet better.

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