How To Speed Up Your Metabolism

How Can Some People be so Skinny Even Though They Eat So Much?

Don’t you just hate it when you see people who are so thin but eat what they like, when they like.

We all know someone like that but how is it that they can be so skinny but eat twice as much as you you may ask?

Well the answer is often in their metabolism – if you can increase your body’s metabolism you’ll find that you burn fat faster & more effectively…

3 Ways You Could Speed Up Your Metabolism


By eating smaller meals more frequently during the day you will keep your digestive system constantly working.

So without increasing the amount of calories you consume, just eat smaller amounts more often.

Eating more protein & less fat will encourage your body to burn more calories as protein requires more processing which could result in an increased metabolism.


Increasing your body’s muscle mass could increase your resting metabolic rate (RMR) which means that strength training will not only help build muscle but may also increase your metabolism.

This is the reason why men have faster metabolisms than women do – they simply have more muscle, and muscle accounts for about 40% of the RMR.

Furthermore muscle has a higher energy requirement than fat, so the more muscle and less fat your body is composed of, the higher your metabolism will be.


Aerobic Exercise To Increase MetabolismThis is probably the most effective way to increase your metabolism (even more so than muscle building).

Furthermore, arguably the most aerobic effective calorie burner is running as the more large muscles you engage and the more force you have to work against and hence the more calories you burn.

Cycling, swimming or any other aerobic activity which raises your heart rate will contribute to increasing your metabolism.

Natural Factors Influencing Weight & Body Shape

The underlying difference between someone who watches what they eat and their skinny, food munching friends, is their metabolisms.

What this means is that different people metabolize food at different rates, so that someone with a fast metabolism will generally process their food faster and maintain a slimmer body.

Other factors such as age, sex, amount of muscle compared to fat and the amount of exercise we do every day affect the shapes of body.

Therefore people with slim looking bodies are not necessarily (but probably are) on healthy, natural diets & eating plans – they may just be lucky enough to benefit from good genetics or hormonal factors which can affect metabolic rates.

Males, due to their testosterone levels, usually have higher metabolic rates than females and therefore naturally don’t put on weight quiet so easily as females.

Unfortunately as we get older our active growth hormones become less active which reduces our rate of metabolism and hence the tendency to put on weight & the difficulty experienced in getting rid of that middle age spread.

Increased Metabolism

Women will naturally have a higher metabolism when they are pregnant and higher still when they breastfeed however this drops when they go through menopause.

To maintain or increase their metabolic rate, exercise would encourage muscle growth and therefore speed up their metabolism.

Regular exercise for anyone will naturally encourage the body’s metabolism to speed up and process food faster.


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