Lower Back Pain

Lower Back PainLower Back Pain

If you are one of the many people who suffer daily from lower back pain you will know how uncomfortable it is…

…and depending on how bad it is for some, this condition can have a serious impact on the quality of their lives if it goes untreated.

5 Ways That May Relieve Your Lower Back Pain

Once you have a good idea as to what is causing your back pain you can decide whether to go to a physical therapist, doctor or chiropractor and explain the pain.

However, most low back pain can be treated without surgery & could involve the following treatments…

1. Ergonomics & Posture

Proper posture, body mechanics and ergonomics are major factors in the prevention of lower back pain & to get possible long term relief from low back pain – especially in the following positions…

  • SittingSitting at work or even at home for long periods at a time in a poor posture will definitely put undue stress on your back & cause you pain.Adopting the correct posture by sitting up straight & tightening your abdominal muscles will reduce the stress on your spine & relieve the pressure & pain on your back.So sit in chairs that provide proper support for your lower back with your feet flat on the floor & do not sit with one leg under you or crossed as this places added stress on your back.
  • StandingPoor Posture Causes Back PainPosture is equally important while standing – standing straight up with tummy in & shoulders back will reduce the strain on your spinal column – slouching = back pain.
  • SleepingSleeping on your stomach or on your back places undue stress on your spine – it is better to lie on your side to relieve the pressure from your back.

A physical therapist or a chiropractor could help you learn correct posture.

2. Exercise & Stretching

Exercise in a controlled, progressive & gradual manner contributes to the healing process.

Active exercise to strengthen the muscles in your back will help reduce the amount & severity of back pain you experience.

This is accomplished by working on your core stability and doing certain stomach exercises such as sit-ups, leg lifts, and lunges.

The following exercises will also alleviate your lower back pain;

  • Hug Knees to ChestLie flat on your back & then slowly pull your knees up so that you can hug your knees to your chest and at the same time, bring your chin to your chest keeping the tailbone on the floor to stretch the lower back – hold for 15 seconds & do 3 sets.
  • Cat StretchGet down on the floor on your hands and knees, take a deep breath & exhale as you push your back up towards the ceiling (like a cat arching it’s back) and continue arching until you feel a gentle stretch in your back.Hold for 15 seconds, return to starting position & do 10 sets.
  • Spine TwistLie face down bending the right leg and placing the right foot on the left knee.Slowly twist to the left while taking the right hand straight out on the floor, the left hand gently pressing on the right knee.Relax into the stretch and feel it in your lower back and hips.Hold for 15-30 seconds and repeat on the other side.
  • Torso TwistsStand with feet wide, knees bent and bring the arms up in front of the chest.Slowly twist the torso to the right, squeezing the abs and then twist to the left repeating for about 15 reps on each side.Keep the movement slow and controlled and making sure that you only rotate as far as your flexibility will allow.

3. Lose Weight

Being overweight is a major contributor to low back pain & if you are 10 percent or more over your ideal weight you can dramatically reduce your risk of lower back pain by losing weight.

4. Avoid Certain Activities

Don’t participate in any activities that you know will hurt your back & learn proper lifting techniques if you need to lift anything at all.

Make sure that whenever you attemp to lift anything you should always keep your knees slightly bent & let your legs take most of the weight & strain.

Also remember that body positions that involve sudden, fast, or jerky movements may also cause back pain and should be avoided.

5. Yoga

For a holistic treatment of low back pain, yoga is one of the best ways to address many of the muscle imbalances & tightness that is often responsible for causing back problems.

Yoga imparts many health benefitssome of which are specifically for the back, increasing muscular strength & flexibility, while others are beneficial for general health.

Back pain is an affliction that affects many of us, but with regular exercise, stretching & following a fit & healthy lifestyle it can be reduced significantly.

Remember that the body is a wonderful thing that often responds very well to treatment & your back pain could become a distant memory.

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