Losing Weight On Paleo

Losing Weight On Paleo

Whilst everyone is different, and the diet that works for one person may not work for the next, living & eating the Paleo way could affect your body in many ways but mainly by encouraging it to lose weight naturally & by helping it perform optimally which would make you feel more healthy & energetic.

Furthermore, it is claimed that eating the Paleo way is arguably the most biologically appropriate diet for us humans as it provides our bodies with the most suitable balance of nutrients for natural weight control & for warding off debilitating diseases.

The Paleo diet addresses the big picture when it comes to improving our health, losing weight & changing our modern eating habits, for instance;

  • How today’s modern diet has adversely affected our health – think obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc..
  • How processed, convenience foods (instead of natural foods) have affected us humans
  • How our modern lifestyle, including diet, causes unnatural stress & other health complications

Losing Weight On PaleoWhilst everyone’s nutritional requirements may be different, it can be agreed that eating is fundamental to our existence.

However, your food choices can have a significant affect on not only your weight & the way you look, but also your health and wellness which ultimately affect your confidence & happiness.

The recent explosion in popularity & interest in the Paleo diet (also known as the caveman diet) could be due to the extraordinary results many people have experienced by getting to look their best by reaching their ideal weight naturally, in a fairly short time period.

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How To Lose Weight On Paleo

Not only could the Paleo way of eating allow you to lose a dramatic amount of weight naturally (and keep it off), but it could also help promote good health, reduce the incidence of chronic diseases and allow you to feel significantly more healthy & energetic with the natural reduction of inflammation in your body as those nasty toxins get flushed out of your body.

3 Ways Going Paleo Can Help You Lose Weight

1. Cut Out the Simple Stuff

How Paleo Diet Can Help You Lose Weight

By this I mean not only cut out most carbohydrates from your diet, but absolutely cut out the simple carbs like junk food, all processed foods, white bread, pasta, white rice, cookies, sweetened drinks, potatoes and so on.

Simple carbs get digested & converted into glucose very quickly with the result that it floods your system which cannot process it effectively which means that it simply gets dumped into your gut as fat – also causes insulin issues leading to obesity & diabetes.

So not consuming these types of foods immediately starts the “healing process” of your digestive tract, gut, liver & pancreas and will shortly start making you feel less bloated accompanied by a small amount of weight loss around your middle.

If you have to have something sweet you can get it from raw honey or coconut palm sugar but only in moderation.

2. Eat Like Our Ancestors

Paleo Steak DishPaleo is also referred to as the caveman diet for an important reason.

It is argued that humans are genetically programmed to eat like cavemen did all those years ago & to eat that way is the best for our systems.

Furthermore eating like our ancestors will reduce obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression & other debilitating diseases that plague todays people.

This caveman diet will provide you with a range of foods rich in protein, fiber & fluids that combine well together to satisfy your hunger and controlling your blood sugar levels at the same time which is key to preventing weight gain & type-2 diabetes.

3. Exercise

Exercise & Paleo Diet For Natural Weight Loss

It is recommended that a certain amount of physical activity should be combined with the Paleo eating plan for best results.

So if you live a sedentary lifestyle you should try & do at least 30 minutes of fairly vigorous physical activity every day in the way of brisk walking or jogging – the key therefore, is to do some form of regular exercise, after all our ancestors were always on the move hunting for food.

In conclusion, many of the ailments we suffer with a modern lifestyle stem directly from our bad eating habits…

Which means if you continue to eat this way you are likely to start experiencing serious medical complications by the time you are 50 which will quite possibly be the cause of your demise by the time you are 70.

So if you think it will be too difficult to make a life changing commitment to a proper eating plan that can alter the direction your health is headed, then you had better get used to being overweight, lethargic & unhealthy as well as being unattractive for the rest of your (short) life…

…however if you are willing to make a commitment (for life) by changing your dietary habits, then you could realize a dramatic improvement in your health as well as realizing a significant amount of weight loss.

Start eating the way nature intended by downloading this
Paleo Recipe Book
which will provide you with 350 recipes to prepare delicious, healthy dishes from natural wholesome foods.

The Paleo Recipe Book

The choice is yours, but one thing is for certain, if you make the right choice now it will have a life changing effect on your well being, energy levels, body weight & the way you look.

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