Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Health & Fitness cannot be achieved by dieting alone…

…you need to employ a holistic healthy living program to achieve a healthy trim body.

The 10 healthy living tips below could set you on the right course for that great feeling of well being and fitness…

Good health therefore helps us achieve this and a high level of fitness ensures that we are able to live life to the full.

10 Essential Health & Fitness Tips

1. Stretch

Healthy StretchIf you’ve ever watched your pet cat or dog just after they’ve woken up, the first thing they do is strectch – usually fore & aft.

So a good starting point would be to copy your pets – it’s not only good for posture but also for alleviating back pain, boosting circulation & digestion.

2. Water

Avoid carbonated drinks – just drink water as it’s great for flushing the system of toxins & other nasty chemicals.

Drinking Water Is HealthyWater can also be used during exercise instead of energy drinks which will encourage your body to use your fat reserves for energy instead of the carbs from the energy drink.

However for long training sessions you will probably need a supplement in the form of an energy drink to maintain your exercise level.

Also remember that the fluid in your body is responsible for helping to keep every system of your body in good working order, including all of your metabolic processes – so if you dehydrate you’ll probably get a headache, feel lethargic and everything will slow down

3. Diet

Healthy Paleo Diet

Healthy Paleo Diet

For a balanced, healthy & natural diet you should eat a variety of foods including different colored fruits and vegetables, for instance tomatoes contain lycopene which has powerful cancer fighting properties as well as being rich in vitamin C – a great antioxidant.

When in doubt just eat the way nature intended – these free healthy Paleo recipes will help you get started

Your Grandma’s advice to “eat an apple a day” should not be ignored as apple pectin cleanses the body’s digestive system by removing toxins and therefore preventing degenerative health problems such as cancer.

So for your general health & protection from dread diseases such as heart disease and cancer you need a variety of foods that deliver the right combination of nutrients, minerals & vitamins.

4. Drink More Tea

Substitute coffee for tea as tea is a rich source of antioxidants help protect against some cancers, cardiovascular disease as well as other common illnesses.

Also green tea without milk & sugar will be better for you than normal tea with the milk & the sugar.

5. Be Active

Active LifestyleNothing harms a body more than a lazy, inactive lifestyle – use it or lose it!

An active body is generally a healthy one and aerobic activity not only burns calories but also increases your metabolism which contributes to weight loss.

6. Reduce Stress

There is a direct relationship between stress and poor health.

Stress is often the cause of high blood pressure, tension headaches, digestion problems and other ailments and should therefore be kept in check with regular exercise, stretching & rest.

7. Eating Habits

Eat like a king at breakfast, like a lord at lunch and like a pauper at supper time.

In fact eating smaller amounts throughout the day is far better for your blood sugar levels, metabolism & weight.

Carbs or no carbs? The jury is still out but if read what Prof Tim Noakes says about carbohydrates & the Paleo diet you may have a clearer picture is to what makes for good dietary habits.

8. Avoid Pollution & Do Not Smoke

Apart from contributing to lung, throat & other cancers and heart disease, smoking also accelerates the loss of bone density and reduces circulation.

Also try and exercise outdoors when pollution levels are at their lowest.

9. Bone Health

Maintain healthy & strong bones by regular consumption of milk or calcium supplements.

After your thirtieth birthday your bone density will begin to deteriorate so you need to consume calcium with magnesium which aids the absorption of the calcium.

Some weight bearing exercises & impact exercises such as jogging have been found to help maintain or even increase bone density.

10. Sleep & Recovery

Sleep is essential to heal & recover the body promotes cell repair & cell growth, which speeds up the metabolism and burn calories.

Whilst the above tips are not comprehensive they are certainly important & need to be employed in your day to day life to enjoy a happy, healthy and fit life.

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