How To Get Rid Of Love Handles

How To Get Rid Of Love Handles

Love Handle WorkoutsCall them what you like, but love handles or that dreaded muffin top are nothing more than excess body fat & getting rid of them requires the same approach & strategy as you would use to burn fat.

Having said this, though, there are some love handle specific workouts that you can do that will help target them to be burned off effectively & quickly.

So what you need to do is a routine of love handle workouts that will may help to reduce your muffin top shape as well as help also tone & reduce your belly & waistline that should leave you looking slim & trim.

What Are the Best Love Handle Workouts?

Generally you need to do any type of fat burning exercise that increases your metabolism using a combination of resistance training as well as lots of aerobic exercise.

However in addition to the above, bringing the torso & your obliques into play with twists & side bends will help you target the excess fat around your middle & is one of the perfect workouts to get rid of your love handles.

Adding weights to these exercises may speed up the fat burning process & the time spent doing these exercises will be spent more effectively & help you get rid of them quicker.

3 Pronged Approach to Getting Rid of Your Love Handles

The strategy below is arguably the ideal approach for you to help get rid of your love handles.

1. Diet

Your diet should consist of nutrient-rich, wholesome foods (as per those contained in the Paleo Diet) that will encourage your body to lose weight naturally.

NB – Avoid sugars, simple carbs & processed foods for the sake of your health & weight.

Healthy Fat Burning DietFurthermore your daily diet should include a combination of proteins, vegetables, fruits & healthy fats & oils like those found in fish (Omega 3 acids) – salmon which is full of good omega-3 fatty acids which is also rich in protein.

Protein is an essential ingredient of your diet as it contributes towards building & maintaining muscle which assists hugely in the fat burning process.

Also don’t forget to drink lots of fluids, preferable water, as dehydration can cause your body to hang onto water & carry excess weight around your waist.

So when it comes to what you ingest into your system, just remember the following key factors if you want to lose the fat around your waist;

  • Calorie intake – more means extra weight & fat
  • Type of foods you consume & how often – junk food equals instant fat that will be difficult to get rid of
  • Rigidity – take occasional breaks from a strict diet or mix it up a bit without falling prey to bad foods
  • Flexibility – change things around in accordance with your own personal food preferences as long as they still fall into the healthy diet & fat burning categories above.

2. Exercise

The best fat burning exercises you should be doing must include a combination of aerobic exercise as well as resistance training, ie using weights – this has been shown to produce the best results when it comes to burning off fat

Also remember that while doing lots of low intensity aerobic exercise is a great fat burner, if it is combined with weight training as well as burst of anaerobic exercise your fat will burn off & you’ll get much quicker results although it is harder.

Your anaerobic bursts, ie. raising your heart rate to a level where your breathing becomes labored & uncomfortable, should not be for longer than 5% of your total training time – in fact if you aren’t used to this type of training minimize these intervals drastically.

Whilst these anaerobic interval bursts create an increase in cardiovascular efficiency & burn more calories, doing too many of them may cause you extreme fatigue, or even worse, injury or sickness so do them sparingly even though they really help raise your metabolism & fat burning ability.

3. Love Handle Workouts

Getting Rid of Your Love HandlestSpecific exercises that target your abdominal muscles & waist should be done in conjunction with maintaining a healthy diet as well as a general exercise routine above.

Furthermore, to target that fat around the waist, it’s important to actually do love handle specific workouts – to illustrate this, imagine doing yoga for 30 minutes a day, which is undoubtedly an excellent exercise for the body & mind but probably won’t have a dramatic effect on getting rid of your love handles quickly, however doing exercises specifically aimed at your waist, every day, is more likely to produce encouraging results in the short term.

How Important Is It For You To Get Rid of Your Love Handles?

Getting Rid Of Love Handles

Getting Rid Of Love Handles

If you’re really serious about getting rid of them you need to commit yourself to the 3 pronged approach above which for many people seems too difficult.

So, if it’s too difficult for you, you need to understand that they aren’t going to go away without doing anything – there’s no magic pill or potion that you can take that will automatically & painlessly get rid of them for you – you are going to have to put in the effort.

All you need to do to make a difference to your shape is make adjustments to your diet & set aside 15 minutes to half an hour each day to doing love handle workouts and you will start seeing improvements to your shape very soon.

This Eating Plan Could Help You Lose Your Muffin Top

Healthy Diet To Lose Love Handles

Healthy Diet To Lose Love Handles

One of the best strategies to employ to lose your muffin top is to change your dietary habits.

No this doesn’t mean going on some water & lettuce diet, but rather to make a life-changing commitment to following a healthy eating plan from today.

If you can eat the way nature intended you could lose that excess weight around your middle as well as realize a significant improvement in your health and well being.

This natural way of eating that I’m alluding to is the Paleo Diet which could change the way you look and feel.

So if you are tired of looking unattractive and want to transform your body into the kind of shape you will be proud to show off, this Guide to Paleo Eating will show you everything you need to know to eat the way mother nature intended.

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