Fat Burning Exercises

Fat Burning Exercises

For a fat burning exercise to be effective & encourage fat loss, it should be one that will not only get your heart rate up but also one that you will be able to do continuously for a certain length of time.

So to help get rid of that layer of lard around your middle you can rest assured that a gazillion crunches or sit ups generally won’t give you that ab slab – you need to do embark on an effective exercise routine to be able to burn off the excess belly fat that will reveal those abs.

And no, an easy amble around the golf course once or twice a week does not count as a fat burning exercise…

What Type of Exercise Burns the Most Fat?

Burn Fat Better Answer: Usually resistance or weight bearing exercises performed with very little rest between sets.

This will provide your body with an increased metabolic boost which could mean faster fat loss – faster than you will get just from doing cardiovascular exercise alone.

Whilst cardiovascular exercise is important for burning kilojoules (and fat) you would need to embark on a cardio routine for about 45 minutes to 60 minutes on at least 5 days of the week.

Furthermore you would need to perform this at a relatively low heart rate but higher than you would experience while walking – in other words an easy jog or cycle would do.

Running is probably a better fat burning exercise as it’s a weight bearing exercise contrary to cycling – if you would rather cycle make sure that you do a longish ride as the perceived rate of exertion would be less than running.

The difference between the traditional long slow distance type of cardio training & resistance training is that after the cardio session your metabolism returns to its normal rate fairly quickly whilst a resistance training routine places a higher metabolic demand upon your body which produces changes to its musculature & muscle tone leaving you looking toned & fit.

Kettlebells – Arguably the Best Fat Burning Weapons

Kettlebells to Burn Fat Fast

Whilst kettlebells have burst onto the scene & have quickly become a really effective way to get that lean, ripped look using them just has to be one of the best form of resistance training exercises that could burn fat quickly & effectively.

In fact using weights, & more specifically kettlebells, is no longer the preserve for body builders as a growing number of athletes & people just wanting to get into shape realize their potential for burning fat & creating lean muscle mass.

The kettlebell originated in Russia years ago but as its benefits are being seen, its use is spreading rapidly through the western world.

Furthermore, unlike traditional weights & aerobic machines, a serious kettlebell workout involving swings & snatches will ensure your body gets a complete & savage workout involving multiple muscle groups, providing aerobic fitness & burning fat fast all in one workout.

If you’re feeling really adventurous you could even do a double kettlebell workout which will provide your body with increased metabolic burn which means faster fat loss & greater lean muscle mass.

Whilst kettle bell workouts are arguably the best way to burn fat, they certainly aren’t easy – in fact, to see quick results you will need to embark on some brutal workouts that will leave you tired but satisfied in the knowledge that you are gaining fitness & losing fat.

For Best Results Combine a Fat Burning Diet With Exercise

Kettlebells Best Fat Burning Exercise

Whilst kettlebell workouts are the best fat burning exercises to come along in recent times, exercise alone will not give you the shape & fitness you want.

In order to get that lean & toned body you will need to combine kettlebell workouts with a proper diet – a poor diet will leave you not only tired but also out of shape.

Combining these exercises with good nutritional habits & following an eating plan such as one found in the Paleo Diet should help you achieve your target weight & allow you to show off a hard lean, ripped body.

Mother Nature’s Eating Plan To Burn Fat Naturally

Lose the Muffin TopOne of the best strategies to employ to burn fat naturally is to improve your dietary habits.

No this doesn’t mean going on some water & lettuce diet, but rather to make a life-changing commitment to following a healthy eating plan from today.

If you can eat the way nature intended you could lose all that weight around your middle as well as realize a significant improvement in your health and well being.

This natural way of eating that I’m alluding to is the Paleo Diet which could change the way you look and feel.

So if you are tired of looking unattractive and want to transform your body into the kind of shape you will be proud to show off, this Guide to Paleo Eating will show you everything you need to know to eat the way mother nature intended.

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