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Low-Carb Diet – How eating a diet low in carbohydrates could help you lose weight, manage diabetes & improve your health

The Real Meal Revolution

The Real Meal Revolution – Professor Tim Noakes After attending the launch of “The Real Meal Revolution” at a popular Johannesburg book store last night, I was totally blown away by Tim Noakes’ views on diet and carbohydrates. Contrary to

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Tim Noakes Paleo Diet

Tim Noakes Paleo Styled Diet Due to his relatively new views on nutrition, particularly regarding the adverse effects that eating carbohydrates can have on one’s weight and health, he now follows a low-carb, high fat Paleo styled diet. In fact

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Tim Noakes Diet

Tim Noakes Low-Carb Diet The Tim Noakes Low Carb Diet has had a great deal of publicity in the media lately largely due to the huge benefits he has realized from changing his eating habits as well as the fact

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