Tim Noakes On Carbohydrates

Tim Noakes On Carbohydrates

Professor Tim Noakes, the highly acclaimed sports scientist & author of The Lore of Running, is also the guy who, after totally changing the eating habits he had been following for years, has discovered renewed feelings of youthfulness as well as realizing significant weight loss.

In fact he has done a complete about-turn on his nutritional philosophies concerning the need for carbohydrates for both sportsmen & the average person.

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So instead of advocating carbs as a nutritional necessity he now suggests that eating a high carbohydrate diet causes an addiction that can pose severe health risks in the form of the fatal condition of adult-onset diabetes (Type 2 Diabetes) that claimed the lives of both his father & uncle.

He now follows a low carb, high fat diet which is basically the Paleo Diet (Paleolithic or Caveman Diet) which is said to be the most suitable biologically appropriate diet for the human body.

Going Paleo, as Tim Noakes would attest to, could provide you with dramatic weight loss (if you are currently overweight or struggling to lose it) as well as significant improvements in health, skin, feelings of youthfulness and so on.

Also, apart from carbohydrate resistant people being at risk of being exposed to the adult-onset diabetes condition, the difficulty in digesting carbohydrates can also cause you to feel bloated, lethargic & always feeling hungry.

The benefits therefore, of going on this low carb eating plan for carbohydrate resistant (CR) people are huge not least of all the major side effect of significant weight loss.

5 Benefits of Cutting Carbohydrates Out Of Your Diet

Tim Noakes on Carbohydrates

Tim Noakes on Carbohydrates

Once Tim Noakes had realized that he was carbohydrate intolerant or CR, and he had embarked on his new carb free eating plan, he realized the following benefits from going on this new diet & eating plan;

  1. You can avoid succumbing to adult-onset diabetes – the disease that killed both his father & brother
  2. You will experience renewed vitality & feelings of youth
  3. You will have increased levels of fitness
  4. You will definitely realize a significant amount of weight loss
  5. You will experience less bloating and sluggishness

It should be noted however, that during periods of prolonged exercise (normally more than an hour) carbohydrate should be ingested to replace glycogen & energy levels.

Furthermore in this case energy drinks & specially formulated energy replacement products should be used to perform this function but should not be used during times of non-exercise as these sugars will not be processed properly by replenishing your energy & glycogen levels in your liver & muscles, but will likely end up being deposited in your fat cells.

Who Should Go On This Eating Plan

Paleo Diet

It is important to note that people who are CR do not have the ability to metabolize efficiently with the result that ingested carbohydrate, glucose cannot be effectively cleared from the bloodstream .

This causes the pancreas to over secrete insulin, which should direct the glucose from the bloodstream into the liver and muscles, but in CR people most of the carbohydrate ingested is directed into the fat cells where it contributes to progressive weight gain, continual hunger, lethargy & over time, pancreatic failure as well as the onset of the irreversible & fatal condition, adult onset diabetes.

So not only those people who are CR but anyone who is overweight, or struggling to manage their weight, should consider going on the Paleo diet which is the diet or ancestors followed and is a totally natural way of eating which often leads to dramatic weight loss accompanied by a significant improvement in health…

You would be well advised to follow a low carb, paleo diet in order to stop the cravings & be able to burn fat & lose weight more efficiently without having to eat any less – download these 1000 Paleo Recipes here

Furthermore it is clear that many people are unhappy with their weight, fitness & eating habits and it is likely that all of these people are carbohydrate resistant and could benefit hugely by changing their dietary habits for life.

Conclusion On Changing Your Dietary Habits

Making life changing modifications to your usual eating habits can undoubtedly have a significant effect on your health, but you will also realize significant weight loss as experienced by prof Tim Noakes who says that he is leaner than he has been for years & is able to run faster & further than he has been able to since his youth.

To make it easier for you to plan your meals, get this fantastic book full of delicious Paleo recipes that will provide you with a great variety for your breakfast, lunch & dinner meals and help you shed that weight faster than you thought possible…

Once you know what foods you should be eating & you make the right dietary choices, it will become so much easier to condition your brain to stop urging you to eat more & allow you to make non-addictive food choices resulting in better health & a slimmer body.

Lastly, Want To Lose Some Of That Belly Fat?

Whilst making bad food choices will definitely affect the way you look, to get a really flat, toned looking tummy you will need to cut out the simple carbs & sugars as well as factor in some specific core exercises which will have you in great shape in no time at all.

To get started with your new look, watch this (free) presentation that will show you exactly how 15 minutes can burn off your belly fat for up to 3 days here…

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Lose fat around middle

Lastly, if making some changes to your lifestyle & eating habits is going to be too difficult for you to commit to, you will just have to get used to feeling lethargic, unhealthy, obese & looking unattractive…

…however you can make the decision to improve your health & the way you look by following a low carb paleo diet that will not only reduce the cravings & binge eating, but you’ll feel great & get into the shape of your life…

Start now by downloading these 100 Paleo Recipes that will allow you to eat whole clean foods that you can eat until you are full

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10 comments on “Tim Noakes On Carbohydrates
  1. Helen Erasmushelen says:


  2. Kathleen Vivier says:

    My husband needs to lose bellyfat but is a very busy man with physical contracting work daily so comes home very hungry. How much protein should he have daily and how much carbs.

  3. Theresa says:

    Has Tim Noakes published his diet?

  4. health says:

    Hello Kathleen

    There is a routine he can do that will only take around 15 minutes every day that will significantly reduce the amount of fat around his middle.

    Have a look at this video presentation for more details:

    or read about these 3 simple tricks to lose your belly fat here:

  5. Garth says:

    hi if sugar causes sugar dibietes.Why are some peopls born with it

  6. leon fourie says:

    Hi Prof. Noaks. I have been on the Atkins Diet when young. I have picked up about 30 kg the pas6 40 years after being off Atkins. I have started Atkins again. Is Atkins similar to your diet, or should I follow your diet? I am now 67.


  7. health says:

    Hi Leon, yes the Atkins diet is very similar to the low carb diet that Prof Noakes has had such amazing results with.

    Just remember it is all about making the right food choices & avoiding those foods that are not only bad for you but end up getting deposited in your fat cells & gut and contribute massively to huge weight gain.

    This video presentation, which you can view at the link below, will provide you with more insight as to what food choices you should be making to manage your weight & health better;


  8. health says:

    Hi Garth

    Generally diabetes is generally referred to as Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes nowadays which are also known as juvenile diabetes & adult-onset diabetes.

    Very few people are actually born with diabetes but type 1 or juvenile diabetes is developed during childhood.

    Furthermore this type of diabetes (Type 1 or juvenile) results from the pancreas’s inability to effectively secrete insulin without which the body’s ability to deal with glycogen (sugar) becomes limited which could cause organ damage & compromise its ability to process it for energy.

    On the other hand, Type 2 (adult-onset diabetes) is to do with body’s inability to appropriately use the insulin that is secreted & people who have become insulin resistant which is usually related to diet & obesity in adults (or over weight children for that matter).

  9. Elsa Kleynhans says:

    Dear Prof,

    Could you please explain to me why I gain weight when I do 95% of things you say right.
    I am a 65 year old female.

    What I don’t do:

    I don’t smoke
    I don’t touch alcohol for 25 years.
    For 25 years I don’t eat ANY red meat only chicken, fish I am not to keen on but I do force myself to.
    I don’t eat any starch (potato, pasta, NO BREAD, no rice.)

    I eat NO sugar except the sugar in the vegetables, but I do sweeten my tea and coffee with Equal. I cannot go without that otherwise I will rather leave the coffee and the tea. No sweets, cake, pudding chocolates NOTHING, I do make stuff for myself and I sweeten with Truvia (Stivia) that I buy in America when I am there.

    We never eat out maybe once every two months.

    I don’t drink frizzy drinks only frizzy water and a lot of it.

    I might eat to much OATS, and barley, nuts, popcorn (air popped) and cheese but I must live.

    I go for a hour walk about 4 times a week which I can feel my heart rate goes up.

    I had my thyroid tested, my blood sugar and my cholesterol the tests are fine. My hormones are also good.

    NOW I ASK YOU WHY AM I FAT, Should I not be thin taking into account all the sacrifices I make. Please can you answer me on my e-mail address.

  10. Mark says:

    Wow Elsa, I can’t speak for Prof Tim Noakes but it does sound as though your diet is pretty good – especially with the zero sugar consumption & avoiding the eating of simple carbs.

    If you still cannot get into shape I suggest you have a look at the video in the link below – it does reveal some simple, but effective, ways to get rid fat:


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