Tim Noakes Diet

Tim Noakes Diet Plan For Effective Weight Loss

Tim Noakes, a professor & respected sports scientist, has recently changed his views on eating habits so much so that he recommends tearing out the chapter on nutrition in his highly acclaimed book The Lore of Running.

Furthermore, he has observed (& experienced) that it is NOT protein or fat that is the major cause of obesity & poor health, but carbohydrates & sugars.

He also discovered that the eating plan that most matched his biological needs is one high in protein & fats but low in carbohydrates which is, in essence, the Paleo (Paleolithic) or Caveman Diet.

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And because the Paleo eating plan is the one that is most biologically appropriate for us humans, as it provides us with the most suitable balance of nutrients for weight management, Tim Noakes advocates the Paleo eating plan for effective weight loss & longevity.

It should be stressed that this is not a diet, per se,  but an eating plan for life which has not only provided prof Noakes with improved health & significant weight loss, but the same eating habits could benefit all of those people who are struggling to lose weight & experiencing lethargy & poor health.

How Tim Noakes Lost So Much Weight With This Diet

Prof Tim Noakes

Prof Tim Noakes & the Paleo Styled Diet

Due to his personal family history of diabetes (his father & his father’s brother both died from this disease) and his feelings of lethargy & being overweight as well as the risk of developing adult-onset diabetes himself, he started paying special attention to his dietary habits.

He discovered that he is carbohydrate resistant, as are many people without even realizing it, and therefore pre-diabetic meaning that all CR (carbohydrate resistant) people are at risk of developing adult-onset diabetes

This means that many people, if not most people, have difficulty clearing the breakdown of the carbohydrates & glucose from the bloodstream resulting in the pancreas being forced to over-produce insulin which is normally used to clear the glucose from the bloodstream into the liver & muscles.

However in this case the glucose, instead of being moved into the muscles, ends up getting dumped into the fat cells where it not only promotes pancreatic failure & the onset of diabetes, but also causes significant weight gain, poor health & lethargy.

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After Tim Noakes embarked on his new (low-carb, high fat) diet he was soon convinced that this eating plan is the only effective long-term health solution for anyone who is carb resistant in any way or for those who eat a large amount of carbohydrates especially simple carbs which are really bad for anyone.

Furthermore his new found dietary eating habits have transformed his health in that he has renewed vigor as well as realizing massive weight loss.

Lastly he also goes to great pains to explain that this is not really a diet but a way of life – so if you don’t see it as a long term solution then you won’t benefit from the fantastic long term results that you can enjoy by changing your eating habits.

Prof Tim Noakes will agree that following the Paleo Diet Plan will not only be good for your weight but will also improve your health significantly…

What Is a Healthy Diet & Eating Plan

White Bread Full Of Sugar

Eating White Bread Is the Same As Dumping Sugar Into Your Gut

Rather than list all of the healthy choices, below are some of the things that anyone should avoid consuming.

For those who are totally carbohydrate resistant (CR) they should really cut out all of these from their diets, however those with lesser degrees of CR should still avoid them as much as possible.

However it cannot be emphasised enough that eating processed, refined food and sugars (in any form) causes obesity, diabetes and a whole host of chronic diseases.

List of foodstuffs to avoid

  • Sugar is the enemy for health & weight management & should be removed totally from everyone’s diet – easier said than done I know
  • All sweets, cakes, desserts & other candy
  • Artificial sweeteners – watch out for diet products that contain artificial sweetening like diet drinks etc.
  • Fruit juices (a source of sugar & carbohydrates) as well as all soda drinks like Coke
  • Fast foods rich in simple carbs & sugars
  • Bread
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Potatoes
  • Porridge
  • Breakfast cereals which are typically simple carbohydrates full of sugars & sweeteners – really bad for CR people.

Diet Plans For Improved Health & Weight Management

If you are someone who is struggling with their weight & does not enjoy particularly great health, then you should know that you have the power to change this by taking the decision to change your dietary habits.

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Furthermore if you make the right choice to change your eating habits, you will be glad to know that not only will you feel better & realize significant weight loss, but you won’t have to starve yourself  or ever feel hungry.

These fat eating dietary tips & weight loss plans could be a life changing experience for you.

Low Carbohydrate Diet For Healthy Weight Loss


If you think committing to a new, life-changing eating plan is going to be too difficult for you, you will just have to get used to feeling sluggish, unhealthy & overweight because nothing else (short of surgery) is going to help you…

…however, if you are tired of looking fat & feeling lethargic & you’re ready to change your life by eating wholesome, nutrient rich foods that will eliminate the cravings & binge eating for good…

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