Back Pain Causes

Poor Posture Causes Back PainBack Pain Causes

Understanding the causes of back pain is the key to applying the correct treatment to getting relief from it.

Getting to the root cause is extremely important as back pain is often difficult to treat effectively because its cause is not always easily identifiable.

Common causes are weak abdominal muscles, strain & poor posture.

7 Causes of Lower Back Pain

While the cause of the back pain could be either muscular or structural the following are some of the things that may contribute to lower back problems.

1. Posture

A bad posture could increase stress to the muscles, nerves, or ligaments in the lower back.

For example sitting in front of your computer all day in a chair that is not ergonomically suited for your back may easily result in poor posture & therefore increase back stress and cause lower back pain.

2. Weak Abdominal Muscles

Having weak abs places more stress on the lower back during certain movements thereby causing pain.

3. Lumbar Muscle Strain

Lumbar muscle strains are the most common cause of low back pain & most cases of back pain from muscle strains are resolved completely within a few weeks.

4. Injury & Trauma

A sudden injury to the back that could be sustained in an auto accident, a fall, a sporting event, etc.

5. Being Overweight

Being overweight and not getting enough physical activity will usually stress the lower back causing pain.

6. Back Pain CausesSlipped Discs & Other Spinal Conditions

Slipped discs, pinched nerves, sciatica, aging, degenerative discs, compression fractures, spinal tumours and infections are other common causes of lower back pain.

If you have any of these symptoms you should seek out professional diagnosis before embarking on any exercise regime.

7. Smoking

Research has found that smoking history, hypertension, and coronary artery disease are significantly associated with development of lower back pain.

It’s interesting to note that back pain is a common condition that affects up to 90% of Americans at some point in their lives.

Also, back pain is second only to the common cold as a cause of lost days at work & is one of the most common reasons for going to the doctor.

Furthermore the causes of recurring back pain is frequently the result of inadequate muscle strength, shortened muscles, poor posture, being overweight & poor bending and lifting techniques.

Apart from injuries, these are all factors that can be controlled & relief from back pain can be achieved as the body usually responds very well to treatment…

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